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How to Choose a Divorce Attorney, Part 3

There are some things in life that you have to do even though you have no desire to do them. For example, cleaning your toilet usually does not rank high on the happiness scale of things to do in this world, but it’s something that must be done for sanitary reasons. Cooking dinner after a long day of work and running the kids to and fro is something you may have no desire to do at times, yet you have to eat, and you prefer to eat something nutritious rather than something not.

Divorce is another one of those events in life that you’d rather not do, but if your relationship is coming to an end, it’s a necessary step so that you can move on with your life.

The team of divorce attorneys at AF Family law understand that you’d rather not be sitting in the chair in front of us, telling us the details of your life and trying to figure out what your life will look like once this is over. However, we’re glad that you have chosen us as your divorce lawyer of choice in Sacramento. Below, we’ll conclude our series at choosing a divorce lawyer. Contact us today for a consultation!


Cost Does Play a Role

Many people end up in bankruptcy as a result of a divorce, even during the divorce proceedings. This is because divorces, especially contested divorces, can take months or even years. This is a lot of court fees and divorce lawyer fees that can add up quickly. Furthermore, if one of those in a divorce makes significantly less than the other, they can quickly find themselves in over their heads after a divorce when it comes to lifestyle changes and debt they may have.

AF Law in Sacramento recommends that you will want to ask about attorney fees, courts costs, and other miscellaneous costs, such as filing fees and paperwork fees that you will have to pay. It’s important to at least have some sort of number in place, even though a definitive number won’t be possible. Do note that just because a lawyer is more expensive than another does not necessarily mean they are better. It could mean they are more experienced or that is their going rate.


Ultimately, choosing a divorce lawyer in Sacramento will come down to personal preference and if you feel you can trust them. After all, you’ll be spilling your entire married-life’s history to this person, and while the law of confidentiality applies, it can be difficult laying out your baggage to a stranger.

AF Law understands the hardships of divorce. Our mission is to make the divorce process a bit more bearable for you and your family. When you partner with us, we promise we’ll work hard to obtain the best possible outcome. Contact us today for a consultation!