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D. Michell Flores


While there are many options available for legal representation, you have taken the time to research what our practice can do for you and your family. We are honored to provide you with how our practice can help you in these difficult times.

My name is D. Michell Flores and I am one of the founders of AF Law. Our priority at AF Law is to provide you not only with strategic, assertive, and aggressive representation but also with compassion.

We understand that what you and your family are going through is an experience that will have long-lasting impacts on your life. Knowing that the decisions we make in your case now will have an effect on you and your family later is important in creating a strong foundation for your case and your future.

I have extensive experience handling complex child custody and visitation cases such as move-aways, modification requests, substance abuse issues as it pertains to custody, and those with domestic violence/abuse involved.

I also bring experience defending and obtaining domestic violence restraining orders on behalf of my clients. When domestic violence is involved in any matter, making sure your rights are being protected in the correct manner is very important, especially if children are involved.

In addition to child custody, visitation, and domestic violence cases, I also handle divorce proceedings. These include property division/analysis, spousal support, child support, and any other issues that fall under the divorce umbrella.

The firm and my practice are structured around the following core principles: TRANSPARENCY, COMPASSION, and ACCESS.