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Getting a domestic violence restraining order is nothing to take lightly. When you are being harassed or are afraid for your life, there are legal means you can take, including domestic violence restraining orders, in order to keep you safe. Restraining orders can keep the person away from you, force them to move out of your home or business, and more. AF Law can help you navigate domestic violence restraining orders. Contact a Sacramento domestic violence restraining order attorney today for a consultation!


  • You are afraid for your physical safety
  • You are experiencing psychological abuse
  • You are or have experienced physical abuse
  • Someone is stealing your assets
  • You are afraid for other reasons

Help with Sacramento-Area Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Passionate about helping people maintain safe boundaries, the AF Law team of family lawyers is your eager ally when it comes to anything having to do with restraining orders in the civil arena. We understand these important legal tools inside and out, so whichever side of the restraining order you may face, we’re the allies you need. Contact a Sacramento domestic violence restraining order attorney today to get started.

Domestic Violence Restraining Order aka DVRO

Known for our fierce determination and comprehensive knowledge, we’re the premier team of Sacramento family lawyers when it comes to civil restraining orders having to do with domestic violence. Bringing an unbeatable work ethic and a powerful network that helps us get to the bottom of any situation, we advocate and protect victims of domestic violence to the full extent of the law. Whether we are bringing a restraining order or defending one, we understand the nuances of this and will fight for your legal rights.

Civil Harassment Restraining Order aka CHRO

Eager to help people thrive in their communities, we’re proud to help reinforce healthy boundaries and create spaces where people can thrive. Whatever the situation may be, we’re the team you want when it comes to civil harassment restraining orders.

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