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4 Situations In Which You Should Consult A Family Law Attorney

Are you experiencing child custody challenges and difficulties working with your co-parent due to the pandemic? Reach out to AF Law in Sacramento today.

Are you considering hiring a family lawyer but aren't quite sure whether you actually need one? In today's blog post, we're sharing four situations in which you should consult a family lawyer, and if you're in need of a family law attorney in Sacramento, contact the team at AF Law to schedule a consultation.

1. Divorce or Legal Separation

If you're experiencing marital problems, even if it isn't necessarily because of infidelity or family-related issues, hiring a family lawyer is the best course of action. Having an experienced family lawyer who can advocate for you throughout this difficult time will make things much more manageable; they'll be able to help with filing for divorce, division of property and debt, child custody, and spousal support. Learn more about divorce legal services.

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2. Division of Retirement or Property

If you're getting divorced or are about to do so, it's best to consult with family lawyers beforehand. Even if you are the one that initiated the divorce proceedings, family lawyers can help you protect your interests. For example, hiring family lawyers can help you protect family property that may have been overlooked or minimize family property division. Learn more about complex property division.

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3. Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are beneficial to people getting married, and while they’re considered something reserved for wealthy families, that’s simply not the case. Anyone can benefit from a pre- or post-nuptial agreement, and if you have any sort of assets you would like to protect, consult with a family lawyer. Learn more.

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4. Child Support & Custody

If you and your family are going through a divorce or custody dispute, family lawyers can help protect your rights as a parent and ensure that child support is calculated correctly. Ensure the safety of your family by hiring family lawyers for this family law matter. Learn more about our child custody legal services.

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