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What You Need to Know About Restraining Orders

There are several different types of restraining orders in Sacramento. Today, we are going to discuss the two types that AF Law handles: the domestic violence restraining order and the civil harassment restraining order. Both orders are meant to protect a person who is being harassed, abused, assaulted, or stalked.

Continue reading to learn more about these two types of restraining orders, and contact AF Family law in Sacramento if you would like to file for a civil restraining order. We also handle family law cases including divorce, property division, spousal support and more. If you need representation for these or for any other family law case, contact us to learn how the team at AF Law can help.

What Is a Domestic Violence Restraining Order?

A domestic violence restraining order (DVRO) protects an individual from a person that has caused them physical or psychological abuse. In this type of restraining order, the offender is someone that you have a close personal relationship to such as your current or former spouse or a relation such as a sibling, parent, grandparent, or in-law.

A domestic violence restraining order can prohibit the offender from contacting you, your children, and others who live with you. The offender must stay away from your place of work, your school, and your children’s school. They are also not allowed to have a gun or ammunition.

Because the offender is someone who has a close personal relationship with the plaintiff, they might also be prohibited from changing insurance policies, doing anything to incur expenses on the other party, and must stay away from pets, among other restrictions. Many times, offenders will have to complete a batterer intervention program.

What Is a Civil Harassment Restraining Order?

A civil harassment restraining order (CHRO) protects an individual from being harassed by someone that they have not dated and do not have a close personal relationship with. Harassment can include stalking, assault, abuse, sexual assault, or the threat of violence.

This type of restraining order means that the individual being restrained may not have any contact with you or any other member of your household, cannot go near you, your children, or anyone you live with, cannot possess a gun, and must stay away from your work, school, and your children’s school.

There are several different types of civil harassment restraining orders including:

  • Emergency Protective Order (EPO)

  • Temporary Restraining Order (TRO)

  • Permanent Restraining Order (after a hearing)

  • Criminal Protective Order or a Stay-Away Order

How Can AF Law Help?

If you are afraid for your safety, you may have a case for a domestic violence restraining order or civil harassment restraining order. At AF Law in Sacramento, we don’t think anyone should have to live in fear. We bring our determination, experience, and education to the table to help protect victims of domestic violence and harassment.

If you are experiencing physical or psychological abuse or fear for your safety, contact the experienced law team at AF Law for help. We are proud to advocate for those that need protecting from spouses, family members, neighbors, or any one else that may threaten your safety. Contact us today to learn more.